Canapé will be served during the Reception drinks before the main meal. There is a great value Canapé Package which can simply be swapped for a Starter on the Rotisserie menus.
Rotisserie Menu
The Rotisserie Menu features 3 course meals with the main course cooked on our 8-spit Rotisserie or on our outside BBQ.
Our feasts are served to tables in large dishes for sharing, often with one of the guests being chosen to carve a whole joint..
Afternoon Tea Menu
Our Afternoon Tea is served using our vintage china and offers something traditionally British, and something a little different, for your wedding breakfast.
Evening Meal
Our evening menus provide a top-up feed later on.
Baz and Fred
Looking for something fun and different in the evening? What about Baz and Fred’s pizzas – sliced up and served on boards whilst you dance! Click here for more details.